Teen Driver Education

Programs Available

Our comprehensive programs offer students a complete package, including 30 hours of class time and all necessary materials. We provide flexible scheduling options, including weekday classes, Saturday/Sunday classes, Saturday-only classes, and Sunday-only classes.

Program Overview

We offer convenient complimentary pick-up and drop-off services for all behind-the-wheel lessons, whether it be from home or school. Additionally, we provide a payment plan option at no extra cost. Students have the flexibility to choose from various driving programs:

All our programs are certified by the state and fulfill high school graduation requirements. We also offer 25 and 50 hours of behind-the-wheel programs.

Our instructors dedicate the entire lesson time to teaching; their travel time is not deducted. We ensure comprehensive instruction, covering all aspects of driving, including expressway driving and various parking techniques.

There are no additional charges for registration, make-up classes, or payment plans. Upon completion of the course and the necessary behind-the-wheel lessons and observation, if applicable, we promptly certify students with the Secretary of State. Additionally, we will mail the Adams certificate, which can be used towards high school graduation requirements and obtaining an insurance discount.

For the 30-hour classroom requirement, students may miss up to 4 sessions, which must be made up. Make-up classes can be scheduled by contacting our office at 510-862-8857.

We also offer specialized programs for teens who only need either the behind-the-wheel or classroom instruction.

Prerequisites for Eligibility

Need Help? Feel Free to Inquire.

Our priority is to ensure that you have a seamless and hassle-free driver’s education experience. Whether you encounter any challenges during registration or simply have inquiries about California requirements, we are available seven days a week to provide prompt assistance. Contact us for any support you need.