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Castrovalley Driving School

Driving school license # E2296

Fully approved and licensed by the state of California, 100% Guaranteed.

Castrovalley Driving School offers classes specifically tailored for busy students. Our class system is designed to be highly flexible, allowing students to choose the order of classes and progress at their preferred pace. This driver education program includes:

DMV Approved Course

We Provide Driving Course Authorized by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Driving Test Preparation

We will help you Comprehensive preparation for the Driving Test.

Defensive Driving

Enhance your Safety on the Road with our Defensive Driving Techniques.

Castrovalley Driving School : Our Core Values

We recognize that the cost of learning to drive can be substantial. While some driving schools exploit this by overcharging, we are committed to providing fair and reasonable prices.


Our instructors undergo rigorous training in the most up-to-date safety techniques and rules of the road.


Seize the ideal opportunity to commence your in-class, online, or behind-the-wheel training.


We provide both in-classroom and online drivers education options for your convenience.

Start the Course.

98% of Our Students Pass the Driving Test on Their First Try

Certified by the State of California, our course offers valuable lessons that equip you to become a safe and dependable driver on the road.

Customer Reviews

Discover what our fantastic students have to say about our exceptional instructors and their experiences with us.


My first driving experience was good. The instructor Dhiraj was patient, helpful, and in the first lesson, he taught me the basic car controls such as the brakes and accelerator. I got familiar with the steering wheel and controlling the vehicle to stay center in the lane while driving. I got comfortable driving on the road.


In my experience taking driving lessons with the instructor, I was very anxious but having more lessons with him made me feel comfortable driving on the road. Mr. Dhiraj is a good instructor that taught me on the road to stay in the lane, change lanes, and make turns.

Paola Banuelos

I had an excellent experience with drivers academy. My instructor was Dhiraj, who was amazing! He corrected my mistakes and helped me learn things I would’ve never known if it wasn’t for him. Definitely recommend.——UPDATE! I passed with ZERO errors! Thanks to Dhiraj aka the best driving instructor ever!

Just Snackz

My experience was very good my drivers instructor was Dhiraj. He was very nice and helpful, he helped me fix my parallel parking and looking over the shoulder etc. I recommend 100% join this driving course best drivers instructor/experience ever. Thanks Dhiraj.

Mikayla Esguerra

Let me start by saying Mr. Dhiraj was so kind and patient. I had my first lesson with him today and I was so nervous. He made me feel very comfortable and built up my confidence and helped to build my spirits up. He went over the different pedals, how the steering wheel works, left and right turns, breaking, and gapping. He was so kind and just a genuine person overall. I can’t wait for our next lesson!

Mary Scott

I’ve just passed my test. I am sure it would have taken another six months if it hadn’t been for Inge’s patients, kindness, understanding and professionalism. I highly recommend him.

Katriella De Guzman

Took me throughout the DMV routes and gave lots of feedback. Super thankful I chose this Driving Academy. 10/10 Highly Recommend!!!!


Mr. Dhiraj Gosai is a very good instructor, helps in building confidence and improves your driving significantly. Always on time and helped me pass first time.

Val Jared

Dhiraj was encouraging as he taught me, a beginner, and shared tips for the test. Passed the test on first try!

Shanti Banuelos

Great price and very thorough instruction.


great driving instructor! super patient with me when I made mistakes and really helped me learn how to drive. I had zero experience driving prior but I could drive properly by the end of the first lesson. Thank you so much!

crystal c

He had Very good teaching skills and went above and beyond to show me the route for dmv and showed me all the tips and tricks for test. I had a pleasant experience learning from him Definitely 100% recommend. He has good patience and corrected my mistakes.

Ensure your Success on the California DMV Exam with our Guaranteed 1st time pass.

99% of people who enroll in our classes passed their written test the very first time.

Irrespective of your intelligence, the DMV book often leads to confusion and unpreparedness, which is not your fault. Its disorganized structure, requiring six consecutive hours to read, primarily serves informational purposes rather than aiding rapid learning.

Need Help? Feel Free to Inquire.

Our priority is to ensure that you have a seamless and hassle-free driver’s education experience. Whether you encounter any challenges during registration or simply have inquiries about California requirements, we are available seven days a week to provide prompt assistance. Contact us for any support you need.